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Meltzer Lippe is home to a large, experienced Labor & Employment Practice Group. We are an integral component to the human resource chain and the first stop before taking action that impacts the employee – employer relationship.

Exclusively representing management, Meltzer Lippe attorneys are indispensable advisors to senior executives and the HR team. While other business owners and companies rely on our experience and depth to supplement in-house general counsel expertise. Still others lean on us to resolve their labor disruptions or employ our tenacity in collective bargaining.

National in scope, we represent clients throughout the country and across a range of industries, including but not limited to: construction, light industry, distribution, health care, hospitality, food and beverage, infrastructure & support, insurance, real estate, retail, technology and communications.

We provide policies and procedures that minimize claims and disruptions while maximizing success, continuity, and growth. We are experienced in providing client’s a winning solution for their Labor & Employment matters, and have done so for countless employers on many occasions.

We handle high volume accounts and complex litigation. We excel at assessing risk and evaluating options early in litigation to avoid costly trial and unnecessary expense. When trial is unavoidable, we have a remarkable track record for defending our clients’ interests before federal, state and local employment agencies in New York and across the country. Our attorneys are active before the National Labor Relations Board and have enjoyed success where others have failed.

We have vast experience litigating all types of employment and labor matters representing unionized and non-unionized clients. We provide proactive counsel to avoid claims through policy review, management education and training; defend employers in complex wage and hour cases, which is among the most common employment-related liability issues businesses face. Through it all we remain focused on protecting our client’s business and its bottom line.

Meltzer Lippe attorneys are experienced in National Labor Relations Board proceedings, union campaigns; strikes, picketing and collective bargaining; employment discrimination litigation including age, sex, sexual harassment, race, national origin and disability discrimination; Non-compete and Trade Secret litigation; litigation before state, federal and administrative agencies; ERISA litigation; employment policies and employee handbooks; employment and shareholder agreements; wage and hour laws; arbitration; shareholder disputes in closely held corporations; mergers and acquisitions, employee benefits and pension matters; partnership and corporate dissolution disputes in health care and professional firms; OSHA audits and supervisory training.


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