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Our Social Media, Software & Privacy Law Practice Group offers clients a full range of legal services relating to the intersection of business practices and social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and more. Our group is one of the fastest growing groups within the firm. Clients turn to our social media, software & privacy law attorneys to devise website terms and conditions for the online aspects of their business; to seek advice on digital best practices related to corporate disclosure; to pursue non-compete enforcement resulting from online activity of a former employee or competitor; and, in general, for their thoughtful application of long established law to new technology.

Many clients now realize that social media is an essential component to a business’ growth and success and with it comes unforeseen legal complications that require a keen understanding of social and digital platform concepts and how these platforms interact with established principles of law. We understand readily that social media will continue to grow in legal and business importance at a lighting fast pace. As consumers migrate onto digital platforms, making purchasing and legally binding decisions online daily, we are prepared to safeguard clients and companies from the numerous pitfalls social media business use presents. This includes protection and enforcement of our client’s intellectual property online and on social media, including the removal of infringing materials on social media websites.

Labor and employment law, including drafting social media policies and advising clients on employee conduct on social media, has been the most obvious source of expansion for this innovative practice group. Our firm keeps abreast of recent National Labor Relations Board reports and decisions on social media and has been a leader in scholarship on trending employment issues, such as: pitfalls associated with using social media in the hiring process, issues of social media content ownership between employers and employees and, of course, digital non-compete issues.

Social media and digital advertising, a rapidly growing industry, is another area where our firm stays up-to-date on developments in required disclosures and has been able to assist many, more traditional businesses in preventing unnecessary legal exposure. Developments on this front include recent changes to the terms of service for Facebook and Twitter, regulatory changes via the Federal Trade Commission 2013 online advertising disclosure guidelines, and the Securities and Exchange Commission’s 2013 report regarding companies’ use of social media to announce key information in compliance with Regulation Fair Disclosure. Our keen understanding of securities law and social media platforms operate hand-in-hand to the benefit of clients.


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