Letter from the Chairman

August 11, 2022

Dear Friend,

          When I started Meltzer Lippe 52 years ago, I could not imagine the growth we have experienced, especially these last 15 years. As I enter my 53rd year with the firm I founded, I write to tell you about an opportunity for someone you may know. The simple truth is it is very difficult to find experienced and skilled personnel, a problem I am sure your business has encountered. Many young lawyers view New York City as “the place” to be a lawyer. But, as I have known since 1965, Long Island is a great place too; and in many ways better. So, I want you to know Meltzer Lippe has openings for qualified attorneys, especially for those who want to live and raise their family on Long Island, as I have for the past 52 years.

          Eliminating a 2.5 to 3 hour commute to spend more time with family, whether it’s to see a child in a school play or participate in sports activities, attend “meet the teacher night” and being accessible for emergencies – and having a better family life is invaluable. Further, while we are a large law firm by Long Island standards, lawyers in our practice are able to gain relevant, valuable and meaningful “hands-on” experience sooner than young lawyers in Manhattan, allowing them to meet their potential much earlier than by working in a big law “factory”. Long Island lawyers advance in their career sooner by gaining real experience with clients many city lawyers never obtain, despite working 12 to 14 hours a day doing research and drafting. We also practice at a very high level comparable to the much larger firms; we have nationally recognized attorneys in their respective fields; and we have NYC and Florida offices.

          So I want to ask for your help: if you know qualified lawyers – your parents, siblings, friends and neighbors – please tell them about us. Please give them my name and phone number, and I will take all calls personally and respond promptly. In addition to a competitive compensation package, Meltzer Lippe offers the opportunity to work with industry recognized leaders and with unique clients, individual and corporate. We seek lawyers in estate planning, litigation, estate administration, corporate law, labor and employment law, real estate, construction law and tax law.

          Tell someone about us. You may enhance her or his life.