Elder Law


The field of elder law is defined as the specialized field of law that addresses the diverse legal needs of aging populations. Meltzer Lippe’s Elder Law Practice Group, complimented by our Mental Health, Guardianship & Elder Law Litigation Practice Group is a team of attorneys uniquely qualified to address these legal matters.

Legal issues affecting seniors are governed by complex statutes and laws that vary by state. They’re also multifaceted, often requiring a unique understanding of the personal impacts of aging, which can make a person more physically, financially, and socially vulnerable. Elder law addresses the various life decisions and circumstances that arise during this time of life as well as how estate plans will be executed after your death.

Long term care costs are exorbitant, and Medicaid is the primary way in which individuals are able to pay for long term care. Medicaid eligibility rules and regulations are highly complex and ever-changing, oftentimes requiring seasoned attorneys to obtain a Medicaid approval.

Medicaid Planning

Medicaid planning and planning for long term care can be done at any stage of life. The typical Medicaid plan involves the use of a Medicaid Asset Protection Trust which will give one the opportunity to protect his or her assets while receiving income and even avoiding probate on the assets held by the Trust. Planning in advance is the best way to preserve most, if not all of an individual’s assets.

An individual may not realize that he or she can become eligible for Medicaid with proper planning. The attorneys at Meltzer Lippe will not only help you determine your eligibility, but can find creative ways to create eligibility, as well as to engage in a holistic estate and tax plan that resolves all of your legal and financial needs.


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