As much as there are many different work environments across the spectrum of careers, there is more than one way to categorize what constitutes a great place to work. The law profession comes with demanding schedules, heavy workloads and more than its share of stress. Meltzer Lippe makes it a priority to encourage team members to be proactive about healthy ways to alleviate stress and make time for personal and professional growth, as well as for their families and communities.

Part of this commitment is to foster an environment in which employees are free to be, and become, the best version of themselves. Meltzer Lippe supports a culture built on the basic core principle of respect, in essence: Treat everyone as a capable adult; get your work done; do it well and in a timely manner; allow people to be who they are; own your mistakes. While we celebrate individuality, everyone works as a team.

To do our best work in the high stress environment inherent in law, we need to be able to rely on and trust one another. In our collegial culture in which everyone at the firm is an important spoke of the wheel, we achieve greater success than a bunch of individuals practicing as a cooperative.

We encourage an atmosphere of “approachability,” to support our associates and paralegals and address work life issues. This includes our firm’s attorney-initiated, firm supported running club, which encourages firm fitness and charity giving by running together casually, in fun runs and in fundraising races. A partner-led Zumba class welcomes all, as does a group yoga practice and monthly book group. Informal get togethers, from ice cream truck visits, barbeques, cocktail parties, and holiday celebrations that include staff and family — encourage networking and mentoring.  

Social responsibility and give back plays a considerable role in the firm’s culture of respect. The entire firm participates in three or four major events annually to help the community by supporting not-for-profits including an annual adopt a family and food drive during the December holidays. By running some of the fundraisers as a contest amongst the firm’s floors, participation is strong, enthusiastic, and friendly-competitive. The partner-supported Meltzer Lippe Foundation donates $100 annually to every employee’s charity of choice.

Holiday Celebrations
Summer Ice Cream Social
Fundraising Walk/Run
Annual Adopt a Family
Annual Food Drive