Partner Laura M. Brancato Featured in Nassau Lawyer’s September 2022 Issue

Laura M. Brancato, Partner in the firm’s Elder Law Litigation Practice Group was included in the Nassau County Bar Association’s publication, the Nassau Lawyer.

In recent months, television viewers have been captivated by docuseries and fictional portrayals of conservatorship, known in New York as Guardianship. As with most on-screen productions, there may be more dramatic fiction at work than factual portrayal. A reasonable viewer would be worried about the prospect of guardianship, and maybe with good reason. A guardianship proceeding is an involved and often expensive process whereby a court declares a party to be incapacitated. This often means that the party no longer makes decisions about finances or medical treatment or even where they reside. It is essential to understand the New York State statutory framework and what our clients can do to avoid a guardianship altogether.

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