Networking Opportunity for Chief Financial Officers

By Ira R. Halperin

Success is built on identifying a need and then meeting it. That is pretty much how the current CFO and Financial Executive Committee got its genesis. “When we started the current committee about four years ago, you couldn’t really call it a committee,” says co-Chair Ira Halperin, “It was more of a forum.” Halperin, an attorney and CPA at Meltzer, Lippe, Goldstein & Breitstone LLP in Mineola explains that one day he and his good friend and client Manny Cafiero, CFO and General Manager of Scales Industrial Technologies, were discussing the issues Chief Financial Officers encounter on a day-to-day basis and their relative isolation from others who share similar job responsibilities.

A decision was made to reinvent the CFO and Financial Executive Committee as a round-table discussion. The Committee started small with some handpicked participants, but over four years has grown to more than 30 members.

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