Stephen M. Breitstone to Speak at Shenkman Webinar – “Terminating an Estate Planning Prospect or a Client”

May 9, 2024 @ 4:00pm


May 9, 2024 @ 5:15pm

Stephen M. Breitstone, Chair of the firm’s Private Wealth and Taxation Practice Group will speak at the upcoming Shenkman Webinar entitled “Terminating an Estate Planning Prospect or a Client.”

Terminating a client relationship is rarely an easy or pleasant topic. No attorney, CPA, or other adviser wants to intentionally lose a client relationship and the billing stemming from that relationship. But the reality is that bad clients can present substantial challenges. They can drain a practitioner’s energy and time and create more stress in what is already a stressful profession. Bad clients can represent write-offs of fees earned for work done, the increased potential for malpractice claims, and worse. So, firing clients is, unfortunately, a necessary part of any practice. The common occurrence of terminating clients does not make the professional, practical, or ethical considerations simple, as advisers owe certain ethical duties to clients.  There is, unfortunately, little law on point, especially as to the nuances of when and how to terminate an estate planning client. This webinar will explore practical, ethical, and other considerations in common estate planning scenarios where the issue of client termination might arise. When and how to terminate a prospect or client, ethical obligations, what to include in engagement letters to facilitate a later termination, how your billing system can be used to backstop and support termination, and more will be discussed.

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