We Will

We serve our clients’ legal needs while doing the things we believe clients want

It seems so simple, yet many fail to adhere to the common sense principles that should govern your relationship to your attorney and law firm. At Meltzer Lippe, our attorneys pledge to abide by the following principles of client service.
Meltzer Lippe attorneys will:

  • Use Common SenseWe use practical, common sense to facilitate your matter.
  • Involve PartnersWith more partners than associates, we are able to provide clients with meaningful partner involvement.
  • Understand You & Your BusinessWe are better able to understand your business and therefore your objectives and problems.
  • Expedite & Keep You InformedWe will not be an impediment; we will get your deal done and you will know what is going on.
  • Return Phone Calls & ListenWe will return your calls within 24 hours. We will listen to you. Voice mail will not be your only option.
  • Provide Value: We will charge fees that make sense in relation to what we accomplish for you.