NYSBA Journal: Homelessness in New York: Keeping a Crisis From Becoming a Catastrophe

By Laura M. Brancato

The crisis of homelessness is felt in nearly every community across New York State – and it’s getting worse. Just a year ago, state and local officials were bracing for an increase in homelessness as the COVID-19 eviction moratoriums and rental assistance programs ended. What they didn’t anticipate were weekly busloads of migrants from the southern border – arrivals that continue on a regular basis today, not just in Manhattan but upstate as well, forcing officials to focus their attention on finding shelter and support for the newcomers. In some communities upstate, low budget motels, having signed contracts to house migrants, have evicted their former extended-stay guests, including families with children who have no place to go. It is a daunting challenge, with a list of problems that demand attention.

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Reprinted with permission from the New York State Bar Association © 2023.

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